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Happy new year Merry Christmas
Happy new year Merry Christmas

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 Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP all cheats and hacks

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PostSubject: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP all cheats and hacks   Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:11 am

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*Easy Power Berries

He easiest power berry to get is the one from the mountains:
know the flower bed in Mother Hill? (at spring, probably the only place where you can get the toyflowers)
Try hitting the tree in there with an axe, the screen will white out then choose not to cut the tree. You will be rewarded with a power berry.
Next power berry will require you to plant two bags of turnips and one bag of cucumber.. take care of the 3x3 plots and when they grew into crops, throw them into the water fall.. your position must be facing the water and to your back the entrance to the mines.. if I recall correctly around 15 crops will net you the power berry. 10 crops will result to a event with the girl with the highest affection for you. For the 20 crops thrown, you will be given a log and that log will be sold to Gotz for 1000g.
The cucumber will net you the mystic berry. To get it, grab 3 cucumbers and go to the lake (note that it must be sunny and time must be afternoon). Face the lake and throw the cucumber, if successful, Kappa must show himself and say ":". If he did not show, it must be a festival date, or your position must be wrong. Anyways, after throwing three cucumber he will ask you to leave him alone in exchange of the mystic berry. Note that it is not listed in the power berry count (in the status screen, accessed by pressing start). This berry will mostly affect your fatigue count.
The 3rd easy power berry to get is in the mines. Just try to reach deep in the mines, plow around the floors and you will eventually get it. A tip to finding the stairs: first floor stairs is easiest to find by digging the middle part, the other stairs can be found by digging a 3x3 plot near the four corners of the floor (of course, you must not dig the first shell of sand surrounding the room).
There is also a power berry in the farm. Just dig around the farm and you will eventually get it. Trust me, its easier to find it without looking for it and just focusing on laying out your field.

Animal Care

You can own five different types of animals in this game. Each requires
different care and affection is acquired in different ways with each.

The first animal you will own is a dog. The dog is primarily a pet, but has
his farm uses in terms of protecting your livestock and poultry from the
stray 'wild dog'. When you first obtain your dog, he will be a puppy. As a
puppy, he is fairly useless but you need to raise his heart level on a daily
basis in order to make him useful as an adult. You can do this by picking him
up once daily and whistling for him once daily. Repetition of either of these
acts will not increase heart level further but you should not forget to do
either daily.

When the dog becomes an adult in the first Autumn, Won will come to your
farmhouse to offer you a Dog Ball for 100G. Buy this and then toss it to your
dog once daily to increase his abilities. Your daily tasks with respect to
your dog therefore are:
1. Pick him up and set him down again. He will respond with a heart icon to
2. Whistle to him by pressing the L control at the top of your PSP. He
should come to you, albeit by a sometimes circuitous route
3. When he becomes an adult, throw the Dog Ball to him once daily and
retrieve it from him.

The second animal you can have is a . When you experience an event at Yodel's
Farm, Barley will ask you if you would be willing to keep a colt for him
temporarily. Agree in order to give yourself the future chance of owning

The horse cannot be ridden as a colt and indeed is totally useless at this
point in time. Do not neglect him, however, or Barley will not allow you to
keep him. Barley will return in 120 days to assess the progress of this
animal, so you have a full year to raise his heart level to 7 if possible.
There are two ways to 'win' the ownership of the horse: raise his affection
to 7 or more hearts OR grow 40 plots of grass in your field. Doing either
will cause Barley to give you the horse outright in your second year when he
comes to assess progress. If you have not achieved EITHER goal, Barley will
take the horse from you.

If the horse is taken from you, you can win him back by growing 40 plots of
grass in your field but if you are diligent in gaining his affection in the
first year, you should not be obliged to do this. Grass can be cut for
fodder, but grass seeds are costly and you may prefer to spend your money on
other upgrades early in the game.

Speaking to your horse daily evidently does NOT raise his heart level although
the speech will change on the day the horse becomes an adult. The only way to
raise your horse's heart level as a colt is by brushing him daily. To do
this, you must invest in a Brush from Saibara's Smithy for 800G. Do this as
early as possible in the game in order to be able to keep the horse. It is
worth the investment both in money and energy. An adult horse can be ridden,
but only on your own farm land, and you can ship items by throwing them into
his saddlebags. You may feel that 800G is a lot of money to spend on a brush
in your first Spring when you are struggling to survive, but it needs to be

The other way to raise your horse's affection is by whistling to him. There
will be no increase in affection, however, until he begins to respond to your
whistle, so do not think that you can forego the Brush in favour of whistling
to the animal! You need to do both.

The best use of the Horse is to enter him in the Horse Race and to bet heavily
on him when he is an adult. The greatest prize offered is a Power Berry and
you will wish to obtain it as soon as possible. Your first opportunity to do
this is the second year, when your horse becomes an adult.

Train your horse for the race by riding to him and whistling to him.

The third animal you will obtain probably is a Chicken. Chickens are the
least expensive ranch option. Once you have purchased a single chicken from
Popuri, you can enlarge your population by incubating eggs. An incubated egg
takes three days to hatch. Once hatched, a chick takes three days to grow
into a Chicken. An adult Chicken will not lay eggs immediately, however.
Your hen usually will begin to lay eggs a day after she becomes an adult.

The quality of egg depends on the heart level of the Chicken. The first egg
laid will be a Normal Egg at 4 hearts, that will change to a Good Egg and at
7 hearts, it will become an Excellent Egg. An Excellent Egg is the highest
quality of egg that can be laid by a Chicken even with Maximum heart level
unless that Chicken has won the Sumo Chicken Contest. A Chicken does not need
Maximum heart level in order to win the Contest, but it makes it more likely
that you will be able to win. Winning the Sumo Contest is a combination of
luck, skill and your chicken's responses to your encouragement. A chicken
with a higher heart level is more likely to respond to your encouragement than
one with low affection. Even with the highest heart level, however, the
Chicken can decide simply to walk out of the ring, making victory and defeat
somewhat a question of luck! Always save your game, and especially make
certain to save your game when you go to bed the night before any Festival as
you then can reload and replay the day if you fail to win.

Golden Eggs are worth the effort, not for the Egg per se, but when made into
Mayonnaise G. A Golden Egg ships for 50G but Mayonnaise G ships for 300G.

Here are the financial facts about chickens in general:

An adult Chicken purchased from the poultry farm costs 1500G. An egg when shipped is
worth 50G. Popuri will not buy eggs or chicks, but she will buy adult
chickens from you if you wish to sell them. An ordinary


When you press START, it opens a menu, right? next to your character icon, small stars can appear. these are what we call the beauty star icons. these stars can increase your character's beauty and appeal to a boy or even the villagers. there are 10 stars all in all. you can get these by:

~sleeping early
~going to the hotspring for 1 hour atleast once a season.
~reading the fashion magazine in the library.

hope this helps. coz this one helped me alot. Smile)

Cliff staying in town

If you are the most impatient person and want things done very quick, Cliff is the guy for you.In fall (1st year), Duke will ask you to help with the orchard, but if your as busy as me, don't accept it. As you know, cliff needs a job to stay in the village so you can ask him instead for the job at the orchard. If you don't do this, at the end of the first year, cliff will leave town.

Cute Cliff Ending!!

Cliff's Ending
Description: (In this file, I named the main character Akie, and she and Cliff were married on the 6th of Winter, Year 2. It starts off with Cliff bringing you the Blue Feather.)

Cliff: Good morning, Akie! What I said last time was kind of sudden, and I've just learned the proper custom for this area, so I've come to propose! Please take this Blue Feather! (option 1: Of course, thank you option 2: I've changed my mind. Choose option 1, of course.) I know we'll be happy together.
(After the wedding ceremony, in the vineyard)
Duke: This wine is so good:
Manna: Yes, but I'm only letting you drink today! Everyone, drink up! :But, I was just thinking: Cliff seems like a really quiet guy. He seemed so shy and withdrawn: But after befriending him, I've become kind of attached to him, and he's cute! :Um, oops, that wasn't what I meant to say:
Cliff: (to you) Let's go someplace a little more quiet.
(You nod, and you two go into the cellar.)
Cliff: Manna looks quite happy, doesn't she? (You nod) I've kept quiet about this until now, but: The person who saved you on the beach, was me. :Back then, I was still searching for a place where I felt at home, and had decided to leave this village. I was about to board the ship when I heard Zack's call. I was so caught up in trying to help you, I completely forgot about my decision to leave! I think we were destined to meet each other.
(You the walk up right next to him, and Cliff gets an exclaimation point above his head and turns to you.)
Cliff: I didn't mean that I tricked you or anything! Sorry!
(You shake your head, and Cliff puts his hands on your shoulders)
Cliff: You're happy, right?
(You nod, and the camera fades out.)


Know the Goddess Festival? If you escort or accompany by a bachelors of bacheloters after the dance they will ask you to go to some places, here is the list of the places yo will go~

With..... (No Kai he won't escort you)
Ann go to the waterfall
Popuri go to the flower garden/waterfall
Karen go to the beach/waterfall
Elli go to the lake
Mary go to the flower garden
Gray go to the flower garden
Doctor go to the lake
Rick go to the beach/waterfall
Cliff go to the waterfall/beach

I forgot some of them but I'm sure all that event you will occur is so romantic Very Happy

DOB Calendar With a New Birthday (If your birthday is on the same date)

Birthday Calendar

Spring Season
Day: Name: Where you can find the person:
2 Louis Gotz's House
4 Bold Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
11 Saibara Blacksmith's Shop
15 Staid Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
16 Elli The Clinic
17 Barley Yodel Farm
19 Lillia Poultry Farm
20* Elli Her House
26 Aqua Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
29 Greg Mineral Beach
30 Sasha Supermarket

* If you have your Birthday on the 16th of Spring.

Summer Season
Day: Name: Where you can find the person:
3 Popuri Poultry Farm
4 Harris The Inn or Gotz's House
6 Cliff Aja Winery or the Church
10* Popuri Poultry Farm
11 Basil At his house
16 Timid Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
17 Ann Near the waterfall or at the Inn
22** Kai The Beach or the Inn
25 Mayor Thomas His House
29 Zack In his house or when he comes to your pick up your crops.

* If your Birthday is on 3rd of Summer.
** If your Birthday is on 22th of Summer.

Fall Season
Date: Name: Where you can find the person:
2 Gotz At his house
5 Stu Church or Ellen's house
10 Hoggy Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
11 Manna Aja Winery
14 Chef Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
15 Karen Supermarket
17 Doctor Clinic
20 Pastor Carter At Church
23* Anna At her house
27 Rick Poultry Farm

* If your Birthday on 15th of Fall.

Winter Season
Date: Name: Where you can find the person:
2 Kano Mayor's House
6 Gray Blacksmith's Shop
11 Doug At the Inn
13 Ellen Her House
15 Duke Aja Winery
19 Won At The Inn
20 Mary Library
22 Nappy Harvest Sprites House or at your farm
25* Mary Library
26 May Yodel Farm
29 Jeff Supermarket

* If your Birthday on 20th of Winter.


1st Year Special Events

All events that can be experienced in the first year of the game are listed in
this section. Events that cannot be experienced before the second year are
listed under '2nd Year Special Events'. These events were taken from the Boy
version of the game, although many can be experienced in both versions. Where
events can be experienced in both versions, I will try to add a note to that

A Horse from Barley

The first time that you enter the area of Yodel's Farm, you should experience
an event wherein Barley and May are concerned as to the welfare and happiness
of a young colt. The colt will be offered to you as a temporary measure.
Accept the trust and name the horse. You then have 120 days or four seasons
to raise the heart level of the horse to 8 in order to keep the horse
permanently. If you fail to raise the horse's heart level to 8 or higher,
Barley will take the horse from you. You can give yourself a second chance by
growing 40 plots of grass on your field.

Raising the heart level of the horse requires the use of a Brush. Brush the
Horse DAILY in order to raise his heart level to 8 by the deadline. Speaking
to the horse does not raise his affection, but if you whistle to him and he
responds, that will raise his affection a little. The most effective tool,
however, is the Brush. You must invest in it as soon as possible in order to
meet the goal.

This Event is included both in the Boy and Girl versions of the game.

A Fishing Rod from Greg:

In most Harvest Moon games, the only tool that is not given to you at the
start of the game is a Fishing Rod and yet fishing is an integral part of
life. It usually is a gift and in order to obtain it, you must visit the
right person at the right location at the right time.

Harvest Moon Boy & Girl is no different in this respect. To obtain your first
Fishing Rod, go to the Pier at the Beach on Friday, Saturday or Sunday either
before 8.00 a.m. or after 8.00 p.m. You will find an expert fisherman named
Greg there. Provided you do not have a tool equipped, he will give you a
basic Fishing Rod.

This is not the end of the tale, however. In this game, you have a Fish Pond
and you can throw any fish that you have caught (with the exception of the
King Fish) into this Pond. Small and Medium fish will grow into Large Fish in
time if you toss Fish Food into the Pond daily. When you have at least two
large Fish in the Pond, the population will increase randomly as your fish
spawn. When the total number of fish in the Pond is 50, you will find Greg
the next morning at 6.00 a.m. next to the Pond. Speak to him and he will give
you the best Fishing tool in the game, the Fishing Pole. From that point, you
will have TWO fishing tools, so make certain not to confuse them as there
really is no need to use the basic Fishing Rod again once you have the Fishing

These events occur both in the Boy and Girl versions.

Thomas' Crop Request

On 15 Spring, Thomas may come to the farm at 6.00 a.m. to ask for the delivery
of three Turnips to his house for use in the upcoming Cooking Festival. The
three turnips must be delivered to him at his house before 21 Spring.

There is no practical reward for this, apart from raising Thomas' friendship
level. So far, I experienced this event only in the Boy version.

May and the Church

On 17 Spring in the first year, you may find May at your farm with a request
that you play with her. Barley then will arrive to explain that you are far
too busy to spend the day playing. You then will have a choice either to take
May to Ellen's house or to the Church. If you choose to take her to Ellen's
house, Ellen will suggest that you take her instead to the Church. If you
choose to take her to the Church, you simply eliminate the 'middle man'
Ellen. Ultimately, Carter will accept the task of caring both for Stu and May
during the afternoon. The event will end at the Church and no time will have
passed. From this point forward, Stu and May will be found together outside
the Church on every afternoon apart from Monday and Wednesday.

May and her Past

On 3 Summer of the first year, Barley may come to your farm to announce that
May is missing and to solicit your help in finding her. You will not find her
during the day but if you speak to Gotz, he will express a hope that she has
not gone into the mountains. In fact, you will find her on the pier after
6.00 p.m. Listen to her story, then take her home. The event simply advances
your friendship with Barley and May. It is rather poignant actually.

This event occurs both in the Boy and Girl versions of the game.

First Meeting with Kai

If you leave your farm on 30 Spring in the first year to walk towards the
village, you will experience an event outside the Smithy. Popuri and May will
be with Kai. He will introduce himself to you and tell you about the Seaside
Lodge at the Beach.

This event occurs both in the Boy and Girl versions.

First Corn Harvest

When your first ear of corn is ripe, Kai will appear at your farm at 6.00 a.m.
to ask if he can buy corn from you. You will be given a choice of three
prices. Allow him to buy it for either 50G or 100G. This will advance your
friendship with him. If you ask for 200G, you will show yourself to be greedy
and he will refuse the offer.

First Flower and Honey

Plant Pinkcat flowers in your first Summer to experience this event. On the
day when they are ready to be harvested, a bee will fly from a flower to your
apple tree at 6.00 a.m., making Honey. You will be able to harvest the Honey

Do not ship this Honey. Instead, take it to Louis at Gotz' house to
experience a little event. He will examine your tree and announce that the
Honey is rare and valuable. Henceforth, any Honey that you ship will be worth
60G instead of 50G.

This event increases the value of your Honey and raises Louis' level of
friendship. It occurs both in the Boy and Girl versions.

Anna and the Power Berry

This event is included in the section of the guide that deals with Power
Berries but it should be included here as well.

Plant 11 bags of flowers at any season apart from Winter. Your first real
opportunity to do this will be in your first Summer when you can plant 11 bags
of Pinkcat flowers. (This will allow you to obtain Honey as well as a Power
Berry.) When the flowers bloom, do NOT harvest them. Anna will appear at
your farm if you exit your farmhouse any time after noon and before 6.00 p.m.
She will ask if she can pick some flowers. Allow her to take as many as she
likes. In return, she will give you a Power Berry and her friendship level
will increase.

Apple Pie Event

On Sunday, 13 Summer, Thomas may visit at 6.00 a.m. to announce that he must
leave the village briefly and to ask if you would be willing to fetch some
Apple Pie for Ellen from the Inn.
Go to the Inn and speak to Doug. He will give you a piece of Apple Pie. Take
it to Ellen at her house. She will offer you a tip. If you refuse the tip,
she will insist that you take it AND Elli will give you a piece of Apple Pie.
Accepting the delivery task and refusing the tip will advance the friendship
levels of Thomas, Ellen and Elli.

At 6.00 a.m. on the following morning, Thomas will visit your farm to thank
you for delivering the Apple Pie to Ellen. He then will give you a piece of
Cake as a gift.

Ann's Birthday Party

If your relationship with Ann is high enough, you may find an Invitation to
her Birthday Party in your postbox beofre 17 Spring.

On 17 Spring, take an item to the Supermarket to be gift-wrapped (preferably a
Spa-Boiled Egg), then visit the Inn with your Invitation and gift-wrapped item
between 11.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to experience the Birthday Party Event. The
party will end outside the Inn at 6.00 p.m. It will advance your relationship
with Ann and Doug.

This event occurs both in the Boy and Girl versions.

Harris and Aja

4 Summer is Harris' Birthday. If you give him a flower on this day, it will
raise his friendship to the point where you can experience this event.

On any evening, exit your farmhouse after 6.00 p.m. and before 7.30 p.m. to
find Harris at the door. He will confess his love for Aja and ask for your
advice about writing a letter to her.
The next day, visit Manna in the morning at the Aja Winery and she will talk
about Aja and Harris.
On the following day, Harris will be at your farm at 6.00 a.m. to tell you he
has received a letter from Aja. When you speak to him again, he will thank
you for helping him through his crisis of the heart.

This series of events will advance the friendship level of Harris and possibly
Manna as well.

The Anniversary of a Death

On the first or second day of Autumn, you will find a notice in your postbox
to the effect that the Inn will be shut at 5.00 p.m. on 5 Fall. No reason
will be given.

On 5 Fall, go to the Peak to experience a little event with Doug. It is the
Anniversary of the death of his wife and Ann always offers to manage the
affairs of the Inn on this day to allow him to visit the Peak. If you speak
to Ann at the Inn before 5.00 p.m. she will talk about her mother's death.

Experiencing this event will increase Doug's friendship a little.

Duke's Drunken Episode

This event can occur only at night. I experienced it on Saturday, 10 Fall in
my first year at 8.30 p.m. upon entering the Inn. It may require a small
level of friendship with Duke but nothing significant. It is possible that it
will occur only on Saturday, the day when the Winery is shut.
Choosing to revive Duke with the glass of water that stands on the table in
the Inn will advance your friendship with Duke and Manna by enabling you to
carry the drunken man home.

Chicken-Sitting for Rick

On or near 14 Fall in your first year, provided that you have expanded your
henhouse but have no more than 5 chickens on this day (including incubated
eggs), Rick may visit your farm at 6.00 a.m. to ask if you would be willing to
take care of 5 chickens for him for a few days. He will provide all necessary
chicken feed and you can sell the eggs they produce.

If the original event occurs on 14 Fall, he will return at 6.00 a.m. on 18
Fall to collect the chickens.
The Poultry Farm will be shut during the period when you have the chickens on
the farm. The reason for this is to give Lillia a little holiday from her

Accepting the chickens will increase Rick's friendship and it may increase the
friendship level of Lillia and Popuri a little as well.

This event occurs both in the Boy and the Girl version of the game.

Cliff and the Grape Harvest

At 6.00 a.m. on 14 Fall in your first year, Duke will visit your farm to ask
for help with the grape harvest the next day. He will ask you first if you
are willing to help and second, to try to find some one else to help as well.

If you have spoken to Cliff recently, you will be aware of the fact that his
funds are exhausted and that he will be forced therefore to leave Mineral Town
in the near future. Go to the Church on 14 Fall and speak to Carter there.
He will advise you to tell Cliff that part-time work is available at the Aja

Speak to Cliff and he will accept the job. On 15 Fall, go to the Aja Winery
at any time between 10.00 a.m and 4.50 p.m. to initiate the Grape Harvest.
Incidentally, Manna will leave the Winery as usual between 1.00 p.m. and 4.40
p.m. If, therefore, you wish to use your time as efficiently as possible
elsewhere, enter the Winery at 4.40 p.m. or 4.50 p.m. directly after Manna

There are a total of 16 bunches of grapes on the vines in the vineyard to the
right of the Winery building. Cliff will walk to the upper right corner of
the vineyard where one bunch of grapes is situated. If you wish to pick all
16 bunches of grapes, you must reach that point before he does, take the
grapes and then move to the next position.

When you have collected 9 bunches of grapes, take them to Duke who will accept
them one by one, then give you your total. Return to the vines to pick the
remaining 7 bunches of grapes. If you succeed in collecting all 16 bunches of
grapes, the event will end automatically. If you do not succeed in collecting
all 16, you must terminate the event by telling Duke that you wish to go

The Grape Harvest lasts from 15 Fall through 20 Fall. At the end of the event
on 20 Fall, Duke will announce that the Harvest is complete and Manna will
give you some Grape Juice to drink.
Each day that you participate in the harvest, you will earn 50G for each bunch
of grapes that you deliver to Duke.

Now Duke will ask Cliff if he wishes to work at the Aja Winery on a regular
basis and Cliff will accept gratefully.

The importance of this event, however, is not in the amount of money that you
will earn through grape-picking but the offer of the job to Cliff. If you do
not tell Cliff about the part-time job at the vineyard, he will be forced to
leave Mineral Town at the beginning of Winter.

Do not fear Cliff as a rival for Ann's affections, by the way. In every
Harvest Moon game, you are given an advantage over your rival. In fact, the
rival heart events cannot be experienced if the girl's heart level is too high
to trigger them. Your best means of courting Ann is by raising her affection
and NOT by forcing Cliff to leave Mineral Town.

Allowing Cliff to accept the job at the Winery improves the life of the
community as it will bring happiness to Duke, Manna and Cliff. They will
become a 'family' in the continuing absence of Aja. Whether or not you are
interested in Ann yourself, it is best to give Cliff a chance to continue to
live in Mineral Town.

Cliff's Drama at Rose Square

This event will occur only in the first year and only on a snowy day in
Winter. Enter the Square from any direction between 10.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.
to experience this event. You will see Cliff alone in the centre of the
Square. He will fall to the ground. Go to him and you will initiate a series
of events, the first of which is a photograph that you automatically will
take. The event will take you first to the Inn, where you will find Ann, Doug
and Carter. The event ends at the Clinic with the Doctor, Carter and Ann in
attendance. You will find yourself outside the Clinic door an hour after the
start of the event, photograph still in hand. Go back into the Clinic where
you will find Cliff in bed. Show him the photograph. He will take it and you
will learn about the tragedy that brought him to Mineral Town and which was at
the heart of his frequent visits to Church before he obtained the job at the

The White Flower of Happiness

When you speak to Ellen in the Winter season, she may mention a legend about a
White Flower of Happiness. It is possible that you may need to have a good
relationship with her to enable this conversation to occur. After you have
heard this legend, you must wait for a snowy day, then go to the Peak after
6.00 p.m. You will experience a brief event, wherein you will see the
beautiful White Flower of Happiness growing in the snow on the Peak of the
mountain. You will be sent to bed directly after this, so make certain that
all your chores have been completed before you visit the Peak!

After you have seen the White Flower of Happiness, visit Ellen again. She
will express her regret that she is unable to walk to the Peak herself but
will be glad that the sight of the White Flower of Happiness and therefore a
happy future has been granted to you.

2nd Year Events

New Year's Dance Instruction

After noon, Karen will apear at your farm to offer to teach you to dance. The
dance music from the Festival will play and you will perform with her on your
field, should you agree to allow her to instruct you.

The actual Festival begins at 6.00 p.m. Go to Rose Square for the opportunity
to ask any eligible girl to accompany you in the dance. All girls were at
Green heart or higher, so I do not know if there is any heart level
requirement. You will go directly to bed afterwards without any opportunity
to save your game. In fact, if you attend the New Year's Eve vigil on the
Peak, your last opportunity to save your game until 2 Spring will be on 29

Barley's Dog Breeding

At 6.00 a.m. on 2 Spring, Barley will arrive at your farm to ask if you would
be willing to have your dog introduced to Hana, the dog at Yodel's Farm. If
you agree, your dog then will be obliged to stay at Yodel's farm during the
breeding period. He therefore will not be able to protect your farm during
this time, and you will be obliged to visit him there if you wish to continue
to train him! After the breeding is successfully completed, your dog will be
returned to you.

The Thief at the Inn

When you enter the Inn during the day after the New Year in your second year,
you will find a group of villagers standing in a circle on the ground floor.
Ann, Doug, Harris, Barley and May are discussing a thief who has been stealing
food from the Inn.

Go into the kitchen to surprise Nora, who then races out of the room into the
main room of the Inn. You then will find her in the centre of the circle of
villagers and Harris will pronounce her the thief!

Barley's Horse Assessment

Precisely one year after the event wherein Barley gave the colt into your
keeping, he will arrive at your farm at 6.00 a.m. ostensibly to take the horse
back to his farm. If you have the Horse at least at 7 hearts, the horse
display reluctance to follow him. Barley then will change his mind as he
begins to walk away with the horse and offer you the chance to keep the horse

Jeff's Painting

The first opportunity to experience this event is on Wednesday, 3 Spring in
your second year. Enter the Supermarket in order to find Jeff and Sasha
discussing a painting of his that has been selected as a winning entry in a
contest. They both agree that they should celebrate his success in some

Re-enter the Supermarket immediately to experience Part II of this event. One
by one, all the villagers who owe money to the Supermarket will enter to offer
to pay their bills. Jeff apparently announced a big sale at the Supermarket
and the villagers, not knowing that this was his way of celebrating his
success in painting, believe that it is a 'Going out of Business Sale' caused
by their habit of demanding credit... Unfortunately, you will have no
opportunity to benefit from the 'Big Sale' as you will not have any option of
buying items during the event. When you return again to the Supermarket, it
will be 'Business as usual' including the usual prices!

Fast Heart ALL Boys!!!

Hey, did you know about the BEAUTY STAR ICON?!?!?!?
You can use them for many things!
In my game, my star icon is 10 now, Gray, Rick, and Kai is heart already red in year 2 without giving him things!
If your beauty star icon is two in first season, when you meet Kai, his heart is already blue!
The beauty star icon will increase if you use your mirror everyday, sleep before 5:00 pm, and use the hot spring every day at least 1 hour!

Find the Fishing Rod (& Fishing Pole)

Description: Confused as to how you get a Fishing Rod or Fishing Pole?
How to: Go to the beach's pier on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 8 at night and 8 in the morning. You will find a fisherman named Greg there and he will give you the Fishing Rod. Don't already have a tool equipped when you speak with him.
Fishing Pole: At the pond in the game, you can store various fish you have gathered. When there are 2 large-sized fish, more fish will randomly spawn, and your numbers will increase. When they reach 50, find Greg again and he will give you the Fishing Pole.

Fishing Tips~

Do you have a fishing rod? If you don't just come to the beach on Sunday or Saturday at early morning before 10 am and after 8 pm in the pier. Someone old name Greg will fishing in that place. Talk to him and if you got a slot in your bag just say yes, you will got a fishing rod. Fishing is easy, for beginners just come to the beach at early morning or after 6pm... Press the square button, hold on until your character seems to be pulled the rod, release the square button and you caught a fish! Although sometimes you get garbage, but it's a good exercise! And FYI, for girl version, you can get a fishing pole if you have 50 fishes in your watering pool. Oh yeah, if you got 2 Large fishes you can breed them into lot of fishes, just give them a fish food (Buy in Supermarket cost 20g 1) everyday just once. Good luck fishing~ ^^

Food Recipes

••U(utensils), I(ingredients), S(seasoning)••

Ohitashi Greens: (from Manna)
♦️ I: Spinach ♦️ S: Soy sauce
♦️ U:Pot
Mushroom Rice:
♦️ I: Mushroom, Rice balls
Truffle Rice:
♦️ I: Truffle, Rice balls
♦️ I: Curry Powder, Rice balls
♦️ U: Pot
Sweet Potatoes:
♦️ I: Sweet potatoes, Egg, Butter ♦️ S: Sugar
♦️ U: Pot, Oven
Hot Milk:
♦️ I: Milk ♦️ S: Sugar *if you like*
♦️ U: Pot
Chocolate Cookies: (from Karen's Mom)
♦️ I: Chocolate, Flour, Butter, Egg ♦️ S: Sugar
♦️ U: Rolling pin, Oven
Grilled Fish:
♦️ I: Medium-sized Fish ♦️ S: Salt or Soy sauce
♦️ U: Frying Pan
Pickled Turnips:
♦️ I: Turnips ♦️ U: Knife ♦️ S: Vinegar
Bamboo Rice:
♦️ I: Bamboo shoot, Rice ball
Grape Jam:
♦️ I: Wild grapes, Wine, Honey ♦️ S: Sugar
♦️ U: Pot
Vegetable Juice:
♦️ I: Cabbage, Cucumber, Turnip, Carrot, Eggplant *you can add
other vegetables*
♦️ U: Knife, Mixer
Tomato Juice:
♦️ I: Tomato ♦️ U: Mixer ♦️ S: Salt
♦️ I: Tomato, Onion ♦️ S: Sugar, Salt, Vinegar
♦️ U: Mixer
♦️ I: Flour, Butter, Egg *you can add Honey*
♦️ U: Rolling pin, Oven ♦️ S: Sugar
Ice Cream:
♦️ I: Milk, Egg *for flavors= Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Honey
or Wild Grapes*
♦️ U: Whisk, Pot
Boiled Egg:
♦️ I: Egg ♦️ U: Pot ♦️ S: Salt
♦️ I: Egg, Milk, Oil ♦️ U: Whisk *optional*
Rice Omelet:
♦️ I: Egg, Milk, Oil, Rice Ball ♦️ U: Whisk *optional*
♦️ I: Flour, Fish, other Vegetables, add seasonings
♦️ U: Rolling pin, Pot, Knife
New Stir Fry:
♦️ I: Small Fish, Blue grass, green grass, curry powder add to
regular ing.
New Scrambled Eggs:
♦️ I: Spinach, Cabbage, Mushroom, Curry powder add to reg. ing.
New Chirashi Sushi:
♦️ I: Carrot, Mushroom, Trufflr, Bamboo shoot add to reg. ing.

Game Play video

Game Play video

Get married eli in 3 season

In the first year go to the clinic and eli will say you have a cut and you answer extracting and she will gice you a bandage and then go to the eli house and you will see stu are criying and you must give him the bandage and eli heart will be purple

give she 2-3 flower everyday, someday she will ask you hows the farm and you must say fun and her heart will be blue.

keep give her a flowers, someday when 12 o'clock she will give you a sandwiche for three days

keep give her a flowers, when 1 spring go dance with her and she will ask you to go with her and choose the 1 options and her heart will change to red and then buy blue feather and give to her and in 7 days you will married with her

Gray fast purple heart in firstday of game play!!!

At 2 Spring year 1 first talk to Gray at 10:00 am, next wait until 1:00 pm exit your
farm to town then there is an event when you and Gray meet, he blush and think the main character was cute then Saibara come and yelled at Gray. Go to the Inn at 6:00 go to upstair and talk to Gray, now his heart are purple. belive me or not, in 1 year in my game, Gray is heart are red!

Gray Will Clear Your Farm~

Girls that hate weeds and want to marry Gray... Here is some tips to make Gray clear your farm's weeds~

First, activate his heart events until his heart color change into yellow.
Go to the Blacksmith's house, Gray will argue with Saibara and for days you will not see Gray inside the Blacksmith's house
Keep giving Gray ores until it change to Orange (Red is better though)
One day, Gray will wake you up and ask you to stay in your farm for practice using your windmill
Day passes, you see your farm was so clear without any weeds! Though there is still some of those huge rocks
Gray comes and ask you to try his hammer, it brake and say something good like "It's okay" or others I do not know the option just do not say "Try Harder!"... Gray leave without any word
Go to the blacksmith's and you see Saibara praise Gray and I forgot the other things... But Gray will propose you anyway

Harvest Sprites

In order to get them to work for you, they need 2 or 3 hearts atleast. give them bread or flour. I suggest flour, because it's cheaper

Name: Bold
Color: Purple
Birthday: Spring 4th

Name: Staid
Color: Dark Blue
Birthday: Spring 15th

Name: Aqua
Color: Aquamarine
Birthday: Spring 24th

Name: Timid
Color: Green
Birthday: Summer 16th

Name: Hoggy
Color: Yellow
Birthday: Fall 10th

Name: Chef
Color: Red
Birthday: Fall 14th

Name: Nappy
Color: Orange
Birthday: Winter 22nd

not that accurate worth trying, though

How to get : Honey, Rare honey, Power berry.

Honey : Plant the Pink Cat flowers in Summer buy it from Won in the Inn at 2:00pm when the flowers is blooming, do not pick it. There will be an event when you exit your house. A bee make a beehive in your apple tree. By clicking the beehive you got a honey.
Rare Honey : Give honey to Lois at the Gotz is house. The next day, he come to your house and tell you the honey is the rare one. He tell Zack that the honey is more pricey.
Power berries : Power berries are fruit you find in the game which increases your stamina

These are the location of the power berries.
* Fishing in thwe ocean in Winter
* Mining in the Spring mine
* Mining in the Winter mine in winter
* Go behind the winter mine and press the talk button
* Chop the Cedar Tree in Mother's Hill and then press the 'No' Option
* Win the swimming festival
* Buy it for 1001 medal in the dog, horse race festival
* Buy it from TV Shopping for 5000g
* Plant alot of flowers in Fall (secret section) and Anna will come and
exchange the flowers for a power berry
* Throw 5 crops in the Goddess Pond
* Throw 3 cucumbers in the lake and Kappa will give it to you.

How to have 2,400,000 must read from joko here

1st:have x4 pineaplle,x10 corn,x1 2stuff tomato and onion
2nd:wait until the grow fast and you'll have (if you had 16 or 17)80,000$,3 more days you"ll had 160,000 and then add 1500 you'll had 161,500 and 3 days later you'll had ennoft wath evar just do it and do its on you for now end

How To Obtain The Mystic Berry

There is but one Mystic Berry and it is given by the Kappa. Take 3
Cucumbers to the Lake on any sunny day after noon. Stand on the little piece
of land that juts out into the water on the western bank of the Lake and throw
the Cucumbers one by one into the Lake. You will experience a little scene
each time. When you have thrown the 3rd Cucumber into the Lake, the Kappa
will give you a Mystic Berry to persuade you to leave him henceforth in peace.

How to win the cooking festival always

Tips to win the cooking festival in 22 spring :

1. first Make the harvest sprites heart reach the third level or more.

2. In Spring before the Cooking festival for one week go to the supermarket and buy 7 flour ( You have to have the largest rucksack first of course).

3. Go to the harvest sprites house behind the church from 3:00 pm and 3:50 pm.

4. Talk to blue harvest sprite then give him one Flour and do that for all the other 6 harvest

5. After that they will give the RELAXATION TEA LEAVES .

6. Then go to your house and make that recipe :

Ingredients : relaxation tea leaves
Utensils : Pot and Knife
Seasonings : Sugar
NOTE : You MUST expand your house for the first time at least to cook.

7. AT the cooking festival go to the squar at 10 :00 am and give the relaxation tea to the mayor then be sure that you will win.

I hope that will help you. Good luck. See the video: Cheat Video

King fish or legendary fish

As you will have the most free time for fishing during the Winter, I will list
the King Fish that can be caught only during the Winter season first.

Angler: Fish from the seashore or the pier late at night after 10.00 p.m. or
early in the morning before 8.00 a.m. only during the Winter season to catch
the Angler.

Catfish: This fish lives in the Underground Lake in the Lake/Winter Mine.

Squid: This is another season-specific fish that can be caught only during
the Summer season. In order to catch the Squid, you must toss a small fish
into the water as bait. Remember that throwing ANY item into the water is
considered to be littering, so do this only if you are determined to keep
fishing until you catch the Squid. The effects of the bait last only a single
day. If you fail to catch the Squid before 5.50 a.m., you will be obliged to
toss another small fish into the water in order to try again (NOTE: you can only catch the Squid while fishing at the ocean).

Char: This fish becomes available only when you have added all Fish Recipes
to your Cookbook. You then can catch it in the Goddess Spring near the

Sea Bream: This fish only becomes available when you have shipped a total of
200 fish. Note that the fish must be shipped in order to qualify. Fish
residing in your Pond will not add to the total until you ship them. The Sea
Bream can be found in every season EXCEPT SUMMER and, as its name suggests,
only when fishing at the Ocean.

Carp: This fish is the last of the King Fish and becomes available only when
you have caught the other five King Fish.Then you will be able to catch it at the Lake (in all seasons As I ThinK).

Lots of money and 10 heart animal.

>during fall buy sweet potato seeds and grow them,they are very profitable and they grow back so you wont need to resupply.
>during spring buy turnip
>during the horse race have the basket and your bag empty.(make sure to save)Than put all your money on a horse.If that horse lost restart the game.After you win use it all to buy truffle.Fill your basket with truffle and your bag,than sell it you will make alot of money just in one night.
>make sure to pick up things on the floor that could be sold
>mine everyday for atleast 2 times
>during winter go mine at the mine in the cave of the pond
>during sunday go to the bridge at the beach at 7pm.There will be an old man fishing.When you two talk choose the choice "i like fishing" and he will give you a fishing rod.
>fish for everyday at the beach around 6pm their will be alot big fishes
>sell the small and big ones and leave the medium ones in your pond.
>buy fish food and the fishes will duplicate and grow bigger each day.
>now for dog just pick him up and go to sleep everynight and put him down in the morning.(make sure to throw the ball for atleast 2 or 3 times)
>for the chickens pick it up and put it down everyday and feed it everyday.
>for the cows talk to them,feed them,brush them,and milk them every day and they will have ten hearts in a matter of time.
>for the sheeps do the same thing except to cut their wools instead of milking them.
>for the horses talk to it ,brush it and that all.After it grew up do the same and ride it for a short amount of time every day.
>ps:(this is a effective way but I dont recommend it.)Buy alot of hay grass seeds or anything it called and plant alot of them in your field.When the grass became bright yellow get your animals out to eat them.Make sure to put obstacles around the field to prevent them from running or escaping and put your GROWNNNN dog in the field to prevent stray dog attacking.The reason I dont recommend this is because your animal could get bit or it could start raining and also it takes alot of time to put them back into their place

Making Mayonnaise

Description: Mayonnaise is a valuable commodity in the game, and can even be made before purchasing the Mayonnaise Maker.

Mayonnaise : an egg, some oil, a whisk, and vinegar

The quality and variety of Mayonnaise depends on the type of eggs used, and the amount of money that can be made if sold.
Normal Egg Small Mayonnaise worth 100 gold
Good Egg Medium Mayonnaise worth 150 gold
Excellent Egg Large Mayonnaise 200 gold
Golden Egg Extra Large Mayonnaise 300 gold

Obviously, the most profit is made with the best eggs, since ingredients (like oil) cost gold themselves. Try making some Mayonnaise yourself if you are in need of gold.

Marriage Proposal and Wedding

To propose in the Boy version of the game, equip the Blue Feather as a tool,
then 'use' it. If your Blue Feather is accepted, it will disappear from your
inventory. The wedding will occur automatically a week later at the Church.
If a Festival occurs that day, the wedding will occur a day after the Festival.

In the girl version, it is the Bachelor who will propose to you. This event
will occur at your farm and it is he who will use the Blue Feather when he is
at full Red heart level. If you do not want your game to end with your
marriage, make certain to save a file prior to this event. You then can
return to this point in the game after the game ends with your marriage.
Marriage, as in the boy version occurs automatically one week after the

Power Berries

There are 10 Red Power Berries and 1 Mystic Berry in this game.

Each Red Power Berry will increase your total Stamina by 10%. The Mystic
Berry increases your resistance to Fatigue, making it easier in particular for
you to work longer in the rain or snow and to work later at night.

How to Obtain all Power Berries

The Red Power Berries are obtained as follows:

1. Take your Axe to the meadow on the screen to the right of the Lake in the
Mountain area. Swing your Axe at the tree in the centre of the meadow and it
will beg you not to chop it down, offering you a Power Berry as a reward.

2. Give a total of 5 crops as offerings to the Harvest Goddess by standing
beneath the Waterfall and tossing them into the Spring. She will give you a
Power Berry in return. (This applies to the Boy version of the game. In the
Girl version, you will receive the piece of lumber and 3000G from Gotz first!)

3. Dig in the Spring Mine until you find a Power Berry it usually is on one
of the lower floors of the mine but its location is random.

4. Win the Swim Contest on Opening Day at the Beach on 1 Summer to obtain a
Power Berry.

5. Plant at least 11 bags of flowers and DO NOT HARVEST them. Anna will come
to the farm and ask if she can have some flowers. Allow her to take as many
as she wishes and she will give you a Power Berry in return. Any flowers that
remain after she leaves can be harvested, but you must have at least 91
flowers blooming in order to trigger the event. Your first real opportunity
to do this will be in your first Summer probably. Purchase 11 bags of Pinkcat
seeds from Won and plant them as early in Summer as possible.

6. Walk to the left of the entrance of the Lake Mine and press X as you face
the mound that houses the entrance to the Mine. You will obtain a Power Berry.

7. Dig in the Lake/Winter Mine with your hoe to obtain a Power Berry.
Although its location is random, it usually is found on one the lower floors.

8. Fish from the Pier in Winter for a Power Berry. If you can obtain the
Fishing Pole from Greg by having 50 Fish in your Pond, you will have a better
chance of catching it. Furthermore, you should fish only before 10.00 a.m. or
after 6.00 p.m. in this game.

9. Collect medals at the Horse Race and buy a Power Berry for 1001 Medals.

10. Buy a Power Berry from the TV Shopping Network for 5000G. Note that the
Power Berry will not be offered until you have bought all other items!

N.B. The most difficult Power Berry to obtain is the one given as a Prize on
Opening Day. Your total Stamina will affect your chances of winning this
contest. If you cannot win it in your first Summer, do not be too
discouraged. Collect all the other Power Berries and try again in your second
year when your Stamina is significantly higher.

PSP Theme

Want a new skin for your PSP?
There are several different kinds of PSP themes and PSP Wallpapers at Plus they are all FREE to download and use. The Themes are easy to download directly to your PSP or you can transfer them from your PC. Have a look and see if there is anything you like--> PSP Themes

Rare recipe

The rare recipe in harvest moon boy and girl are named MARMALADE
how to make it:
ingredients: orangecup
utensils: pot
seasonings: sugar

Reasons Why You Should Build a Hot House

It's expensive and it's need a lot of lumbers. Yet if you see the bright side of building the HOT HOUSE like me, I bet you will satisfied. Yeah, all the loads that you must pay to build this hot house will pay if you work out a bit! Reasons why you should build a HOT HOUSE!

First, I give you a tip. Try put your dog inside like what I try, and if there is a typhoon... Boom! Tomorrow, the hot house won't crash. Believe me, I try that in Winter and my hot house is still in there on my 8th year. I build it on 2nd year (NOT A LIE) ! Yeah, in the game, there is no way your dog could die like there is a typhoon -_- Just try it!
Second, sow the pineapple seeds just 2 bags buy it from Won. Yet it's the most expensive fruit to sell. And don't forget to sow sweet potato seeds~ Oh oh! And Cabbage too!
Third, like if you harvest them all count it, you've got around...... *countcountcount* WHAT?! 10000g and it should be more! You can build a hot house again! If you can though... It's only one hot house to built...

Yeah, that's why I build one and don't forget to plant a corn if you don't want to buy the chicken feed again from Lilia >

Recipes - Lots

Name: Cheesecake
Utensils: Oven, Pot, Whisk and Sugar
Ingredient: Cheese, Milk and Egg

Name: Pumpkin Pudding
Utensils: Oven, Pot and Sugar
Ingredient: Pumpkin, Egg and Milk

Name: Apple Pie
Utensils: Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling Pin and Sugar
Ingredient: Butter, Egg, Flour and Apple

Name: Stew
Utensils: Pot and Salt
Ingredient: Flour and Milk

Name: Cheese Fondue
Utensils: Knife and Pot
Ingredient: Cheese and Bread

Name: Pizza
Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin and Salt
Ingredient: Cheese, Flour and Ketchup

Name: Popcorn
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Corn

Name: French Fries
Utensils: Frying Pan and Knife
Ingredient: Potato, Oil and Ketchup

Name: Tempura
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Flour, Egg and Oil

Name: Cake
Utensils: Oven, Whisk and Sugar
Ingredient: Flour, Butter and Egg

Name: Sandwich
Utensils: Knife
Ingredient: Bread, Cucumber, Tomato

Name: Veggie Pancake
Utensils: Frying Pan and Knife
Ingredient: Cabbage, Flour, Egg and Oil

Name: Stir Fry
Utensils: Frying Pan, Knife and Soy Sauce
Ingredient: Oil and Cabbage

Name: Miso Soup
Utensils: Pot and Miso Paste
Ingredient: Any Vegetable

Name: Scramble Eggs
Utensils: Frying Pan, Egg and Oil
Ingredient: Egg and Oil

Name: Boiled Egg
Utensils: Pot
Ingredient: Egg

Name: Omelet
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Egg, Milk and Oil

Name: Rice Omelet
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Egg, Milk, Oil and Rice Ball

Name: Dinner Rolls
Ingredient: Bread and Butter

Name: Jam Bun
Ingredient: Bread and any jam

Name: Raisin Bread
Ingredient: Bread and Grape

Name: Fried Rice
Utensils: Frying Pan, salt
Ingredient: Oil, Riceball and Eggs

Name: Bamboo Rice
Ingredient: Riceball and Bamboo Shoot

Name: Mushroom Rice
Ingredient: Mushroom and Rice Ball

Name: Truffle Rice
Ingredient: Truffle and Riceball

Name: Curry
Utensils: Pot
Ingredient: Curry Powder and Riceball

Name: Noodles
Utensils: Pot, Knife and Rolling Pin
Ingredient: Flour

Name: Curry Noodles
Utensils: Pot, Knife and Rolling Pin
Ingredient: Flour and Curry Powder

Name: Tempura Noodles
Utensils: pot
Ingredient: Tempura and Noodles

Name: Fried Noodles
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Oil and Noodles

Name: Grilled Fish
Utensils: Frying Pan
Ingredient: Medium Fish

Name: Sashimi
Utensils: Knife
Ingredient: Large or Medium Fish

Name: Sushi
Utensils: Vinegar
Ingredient: Riceball and Sashimi

Name: Chirashi Sushi
Utensils: Knife and Vinegar
Ingredient: Riceball, Scrambled Eggs and Sashimi

Name: Cookies
Utensils: Oven, Sugar and Rolling Pin
Ingredient: Flour, Butter and Egg

Relaxation Tea Leaves

You can get the Relaxation Tea Leaves in the Harvest Sprites in Spring, but, you must give all the Harvest Sprites each a Flour at 3:00 to 4:00 PM, then the last Sprite that you are going to give a Flour will start a Party then you will get the Relaxation Tea Leaves after the Party.

Rick is Heart Event!!!

If you planning for marry Rick, you must see all of his heart event, correct? This is all of his heart event....
Black Heart Event
>> Poultry Farm
>> First time going to Poultry Farm

Go to Poultry farm and you'll witness Rick and Popuri having fight
about a dead chicken. Popuri will then run off. Talk to Rick and now
head to the goddess pond. Talk to Popuri and choose the "He's a mean
brother" option. She'll get happy but I don't know about Rick

Purple or Blue Heart Event
>> Enlarged Chicken coop
>> Have enough room for his chicken

Rick one day will come by your farm and let you raise some of his
chicken. Choose the 1st option to accept and he'll be very happy.

Green Heart Event
>> Leave chicken outside

One day Rick will come to your farm and say it's dangerous leaving
chickens outside. Choose the first option and he'll be very happy
towards you.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Clinic

Go to the clinic and Rick is there buying medicine for his mother.
Choose the second option saying that you hope she gets better soon.

Orange Heart Event
>> Bar
>> Night

You'll see Rick and Karen talking. Go and talk to them and choose
the 1st option. Rick will then like you more.

Red Heart Event
>> Put chicken outside

When you go to sleep, you'll have a dream of Rick protecting your
chicken from a stray dog. The Stray Dog injured Rick and you quickly
take him to the hospital. Afterward Rick will ask you if you want to
marry to him. Choose the 2nd option to accept.
That's it,... All that I know...

The 7 brothers in the forest

When you visit the Library, you will find a seven volume set of books that
deal with the history of the Harvest Sprites. When you access the bookcase,
you will receive a message:

These books were not written by Basil... It looks like they were written a
long time ago. They're titled 'The 7 Brothers in the Forest' volumes 1
through 7...

'The 7 Brothers That Live in the Forest - 1'

A long time ago, there were 7 little brothers who lived all apart from each
other. The brothers were not very friendly with the villagers becasue they
were small and the villagers seemed big and scary. Each brother had a
different favourite colour and liked a different favourite thing, so they
figured they would always live apart.

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest -2'

One day Chef, whose favourite colour is red and who likes to cook, realised he
had a problem.
'I love to cook, but there's nobody to eat my delicious food...'

Hoggy, whose favourite colour is yellow and who loves to sleep, also had a
'I love to sleep so much I don't want to geet up and cook, but then I just get
hungrier and hungrier.'

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest -3'

You can hear the sound. Hoo Hooooo, at night. Something sparks in the
'Ahhhh!' Shiver-shiver-shiver... Timid likes the colour green because it's
easy for him to hide in the forest. But even then he's scared. You can hear
the sound, Hoo Hooo, at night. Something sparks in the darkness.
'Hai, Yaaaa!
Bold loves purple because he can hide in the shadows and use his battle
cry 'Hai, Yaaa!' to defeat large enemies.

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest -4'
Stylish Aqua loves the colour light blue.
'Sigh... I'm ruinning out of provisions fast. I like being stylish, but when
I work I don't have the time...
'Ughhh... That's as much as I can do... Ahh!'
Staid is very serious and a hard worker. He likes the colour blue and
everything he wears is blue, so he is easy to spot.

'Staid, said Aqua, 'let's live together. It's got to be better than living
'Aqua', said Satiad, 'what brings you here, and with a story like that?'
'Well you see,' said Aqua, 'whisper...whisper... whisper...

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest - 5'

'Ha ha ha, so that's it,' said Staid. 'Sure, let's live together. But what's
the point of everything being clean if you're still hungry?'
'Even when your stomach is fully, your heart remains hungry if things are not
clean,' replied Aqua.
'OK, so you do the chores like the cleaning and the laundry.'
'So, all I have to do is eat?' asked Hoggy.
'Yes, all you have to do is eat. I enjoy watching you eat my food and being
told it is delicious,' replied Chef.
'I don't understand, but that's fine by me.'
'Ha ha ha, what a mess you are,' laughed Bold.
'Oh, it's you Bold,' squeaked Timid.
'Who did you think I was?'
'I don't know, but I'm scared of everything in the forest.'
'Well then, you should stay with me. I 'm not afraid of anything.'
'OK, if that's what we do...'
'If we're going to live together...'
'We'll need a bigger house...'
'Let's leave the forest for a bit...'

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest -6'
So Chef and Hoggy, Staid & Aqua and Timid and Bold all decided to leave the
forest for a while. The first one to find the house was Staid.
'Hey, I found a house that's just right for us.'
'Yes, it's a lot smaller than a human house, but it's just the right size for
'But there's a light on inside.'
'Let's go in.'
'Hey, wait... Aqua'
... Crash!

'The 7 Brothers in the Forest -7'
'Hello brother, long time no see.'
There in the house was the youngest brother, Nappy.
'Oh, it's you Nappy. You surprised me. How did you get this house?'
'The people of the village built it for me.'
'I always thought there'd be a time when we would all live together, so I had
them make 7 beds.'
'What made you think that?'
'Because look, all of you are here.'
When Staid and Aqua turned around, they saw the rest of their brothers walking
toward the house

The Spa-Boiled Egg

Description: Have you seen an item in the game called the Spa-Boiled Egg? It doesn't seem significant, but actually is.
Effect: The Spa-Boiled Egg is popular with many villagers and can even be givin to win the hearts of some people. Listed below are characters who "love" or "like" the Spa-Boiled Egg.
Those eligible who "love" the item Ann, Cliff, Doctor, Popuri, Rick
Those eligible who "like" the item Karen
Villagers who "love" the item Barley, Basil, Duke, Harris
Villagers who "like" the item Carter, Jeff, Louis, Thomas

Tips to Expand your House

That sticks in your farm? Believe me, there is only 55 lumbers in your farm, not so enough to expand your house right? Okay, just use your axe and cut them, it will get enough 100% experience. Search the cooper ore and give it to Saibara if he is working and ask him to level up, be sure to equip the axe, wait 3 days and you got an axe that can cut down the stump, now... Everyday you can go to mountains and start to cut down be sure to get lots of stamina and the lonely cedar tree event to get a power berry to increase your stamina. And if you tired, go to the hot spring. You will get lots of lumber, just ask Gotz to expand your chicken coop first, your house, your barn and expand your house again. The first marriage requirement is done~~

Win All the Harvest Moon Girl's Heart! (tips!)

Birthday: Summer 17th (Her birthday will be Summer 22nd if you chose Summer 17th as your birthday.)
What she likes:
Spa-boiled Eggs
Bamboo Shoots
Rice Ball
Grilled Fish
Mushroom Rice
Pumpkin Pudding
Stir Fry
Strawberry Milk
Tempura Noodles
Truffle Rice
Veggie Pancakes
Ice Cream
What she doesn't like:
Where you can find her:
7:30 am - 10:00 am --- Hot Spring (except on rainy days)
10:00 am - 1:00 pm --- Inn, 2nd floor on the left side of the room
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm --- Inn, 1st floor
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm --- Inn, 2nd floor

Birthday: Spring 16th (Her birthday will be Spring 20th if you chose Spring 16th as your birthday.)
What she likes:
All kinds of flowers
Orange Cup Fruit
What she doesn't like:
Where you can find her:
9:00 am - 7:00 am --- Clinic
9:30 am - 1:00 pm --- Her house (Wednesdays only)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm --- Supermarket (Wednesdays only)
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm --- Her house (Wednesdays only)

Birthday: Fall 15th (Her birthday will be Fall 23rd if you chose Fall 15th as your birthday.)
What she likes:
French Fries
Moondrop flowers
Spa-boiled Eggs
What she doesn't like: Anything sweet, such as:
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cookies
Cookies (it is OK to give cookies to her during Spring Thanksgiving Festival)
etc: (you get the idea)
Where you can find her:
8:00 am - 10:00 am --- The place between the Supermarket and the Clinic
10:00 am - 1:00 pm --- Her house
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm --- Supermarket
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm --- Beach (except on rainy days)
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm --- Inn (Sundays and Tuesdays only)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm --- Hot Spring (Sunny Tuesdays)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm --- Gotz's house (Rainy Tuesdays)

Birthday: Winter 20th (Her birthday will be Winter 25th if you chose Winter 20th as your birthday.)
What she likes:
Bamboo Shoots
Cheese Fondue
Grape Jam
Grass (blue, red, and green)
Poisonous Mushroom
Mushroom Rice
Raisin Bread
Relax Tea Leaves
Tomato Juice
Truffle Rice
Veggie Latte
What she doesn't like: Anything sweet, such as:
Where you can find her:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm --- Library
7:30 am - 10:00 am --- Mother's Hill (Mondays only)
10:30 am - 12:30 pm --- Her house (Mondays only)
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm --- Supermarket (Mondays only)

Birthday: Summer 3rd (Her birthday will be Summer 10th if you chose Summer 3rd as your birthday.)
What she likes:
Apple Jam
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Milk
Apple Pie
Spa-boiled Eggs
Boiled Eggs
Ice Cream
Fruit Juice
Hot Milk
Pink Cat Flowers
Toy Flowers
Relaxation Tea
What she doesn't like: Anything sweet, such as:
Grass (blue, red, and green)
Where you can find her:
7:50 am - 10:00 pm --- Hot Spring (except on rainy days)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm --- Her house
9:30 am - 1:00 pm --- Church (Sundays only, except in summer)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm --- Rose Square (Sunny Sundays)
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm --- Church (Rainy Sundays)
8:30 - 10:00 am --- Beach (Sunny Sundays, summer only)

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PostSubject: Re: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP all cheats and hacks   Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:48 am

Jeez... Very helpful! Long...but helpful... X3
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O.O wow that was big... but harvest moon huh
Haven't played that in ages D:

Need to have a nostalgia play through one of these days, pop in some old link games too

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PostSubject: Re: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP all cheats and hacks   

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Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP all cheats and hacks
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