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Welcome to our forum glad to have you in our community ....please take some time to read the rules before you start....Enjoy
Happy new year Merry Christmas
Happy new year Merry Christmas

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 Global Rules

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PostSubject: Global Rules   Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:31 am

Welcome to our website. We appreciate you being here, but we do prefer that you follow the rules below before and while you use the site.

Do not spam at all.
Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
Spam makes our site look junky and unappealing. All of your posts must be kept on topic and must be readable. Text-talk (lol, jk, u (you), etc.) is not permitted either.

Please do not curse or use rude language.
We allow minors on this forum and we appreciate politeness.

Absolutely nothing demeaning to a person or group of persons.
Nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. is allowed at anytime.

Do not ask to join the moderation team.
We appreciate you wanting to help the forum, but we only hire moderators based on their activity and use of the site.

Second-hand moderation is not appreciated.
We know how to do our job. If you find offensive material, please report it to a moderator.

Do not bump your post within 24 hours of the previous post.
We want other users to have a chance at getting their thread noticed.

Do not blacklist names.
If you would like to speak of anyone in particular to the general public, please find a forum that is ok with you doing so.

Do not double-post.
This will be treated as spam and you will be warned/punished for it.

Absolutely no feedback farming.
Do not offer free services simply to "receive feedback". This is seen as scandalous and will result in a 3 day ban if issue is not corrected within 12 hours of notice.

Registered users are forbidden from advertising their websites without admin permission.

The staff is the boss.
Their decision is final in any situation. if you think a staff member has made a wrong choice or has been abusive/power hungry, please inform an admin/manager immediately. Do not fight with said staff member.

Do not make bogus reports.
If you abuse the report system, your account will be issued a 1-5 day ban depending on circumstances.

Do not address the staff personally in your threads or posts.
If you would like help, please contact a moderator or use the support section.

Do not say "lock this post please" or anything related.
If you want a post locked or removed, talk to a moderator or report the post.

No porn/inappropriate content.
Anyone found posting such content will be permanently banned.

Do not type in all caps (Screaming)
This makes other users think you are angry and are yelling at everyone. This can cause unpleasant incidents, and is not allowed at any time.

Do not trash or bag another user, the forum, or anything else in relation to a discussion on this board.
We have zero tolerance for disrespect. Anyone who is found promoting such actions will be given a severe warning. While criticism is permitted (to a certain point of extremity), we want you to be respectful.

  • Bullying: Bullying is strictly prohibited on this forum. If you witness or are a victim of bullying on the site, report the issue to a moderator and it will be dealt with. Do not try to handle the issue by yourself because it may not end well.

Censor Bypassing
We have a word censor in place that would obscure inappropriate words that would not be acceptable by other visitors, eg. Children, so don't deliberately bypass the censor or else you will be issued a verbal warning or something of a higher degree.

Images used
Images with inappropriate content are strictly forbidden.This would apply for signatures as well. If a moderator sees someone's signature as inappropriate or if the content is reported as inappropriate, then you will be asked to remove it, or we will have to do that manually.

[i]Please pm a moderator if you have any questions regarding the site and/or the rules.
Please PM a staff member if you have a rule suggestion, or you think a rule is not needed.
This terms of use document is subject to change at any time by the TGZ staff. Thank you.


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Global Rules
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