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Happy new year Merry Christmas
Happy new year Merry Christmas

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 Patapon 3 psp cheats

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PostSubject: Patapon 3 psp cheats   Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:23 am

Best class for uberhero Shield Class

Okay the best class for shield class indeed Tondenga cause his so Freakin powerful with Thor Club OKAY THANKS FOR SEEING !


HEY if you want an almost invincible patapon that has low defense but could make 999.999 damage in a single charge atack, well here you go first you have to have grenburr that can use a great blade and then try and play missile battle the second one and get the one with the 3 after you beat the battle in front at the tomb of tolerance then check the range of adamance there will be the third one and play it(i suggest to use that cassanault guy you will know why when you play with it !)and just play until you get ognigiris great blade LVL.14 and it will be almost invincible OKAY!

Easy gold and jeweled chests!

Go to the mission "will the angry wolf see the full moon?" then keep on killing the wolf guy and sometimes (but not rarely) he will drop gold or jeweled chests.

Ending choices

Description: Defeat the final Boss to get three options.

Choice 1 Dark Uber heroes playable in Versus mode
Choice 2 Extra labyrinth in multi-player mode
Choice 3 Unfreeze priestess

Gain Fever faster

How to: Stop to "Party" to fill your fever bar faster than walking, attacking or defending. *** This is helpful before a Boss fight.

Get a Jungle in city

Complete 3 Times fight Ragewolf until dead .

Hoshipon Shop

Description: Achieve a team goal.

How to get special level:[multi]Fire dragon valo and worst thing that are jeweled chests lv's20+

Complete the level The dauntles dragon,majidonga if you do then after that under nieth it will be another level that will give you really good things the wurst thing you can get is jeweled chest lv20 pretty amazing huh but suggested for your patapons to be lv20+ cause if not the weak robots won't be able to even be defeated by the dijin and that is powerfull so watch out and use hero totenga cause at firstto get the door open only front patapons can enter and then you use the move pon pon pata pon until the hero uses his super power he'll get further open the door from the other side so you can get in and fight also its good for patapons like on lv10 to evolve cause they evolve up about lv's3 and thats just amazing now gotta go cause I have not completed it myself when i'm a genius at it

Meden Mart

Description: Complete the Cave of Valour.

Music select

How to unlock: Unlock all three endings. Any music purchased from Hoshipon's shop will be played instead of the normal background music when selected.

New levels

New levels for arenas after beating uberheros last stand

PSP Theme

Want a new skin for your PSP?
There are several different kinds of PSP themes and PSP Wallpapers at Plus they are all FREE to download and use. The Themes are easy to download directly to your PSP or you can transfer them from your PC.


After you defeat the last boss, you will be given 3 choices to unlock any of the following:

Dark uber heroes playable in VS mode - First choice
Extra labyrinth - Multi mode - Second choice
Unfreeze priestess - Third choice

Complete the following requirements to unlock these shops.
To unlock these shops, just finish the these requirements:

Meden Mart - Complete the Cave of Valour
Hoshipon Shop - Achieve a team goal.


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PostSubject: Re: Patapon 3 psp cheats   Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:46 pm

No idea what it is, but it seems interesting =P

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Patapon 3 psp cheats
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