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Happy new year Merry Christmas
Happy new year Merry Christmas

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 Final fantasy type 0 review

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PostSubject: Final fantasy type 0 review   Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:30 pm

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Final Fantasy Type-0 game is a game produced by Square Enix, type RPG and its stages, developed the story and developed many players coming to the PSP in the 27 of October.

The game was released for mobile phones but has been re-released on the PSP. report will contain information on the style of play, the game's story, characters, developers, related artists.    Shear,.  Will the events of Final Fantasy Type-0 in Oriens, meaning East in Latin, and is divided into the States of: Suzaku Fiefdom of Rubrum, the Milites Empire and the Lorican Alliance and the Kingdom of Concordia. And all States granted krstalat by force, for example the first State has krstalh Suzaku and the power of Juju, and the second control bekrstalh Byakko and by force of arms and so on for the rest of the States. All States coexist peacefully under Pax Codex that came from Army Commander-in-Chief State Milites named Cid Aulstyne and broke the peace treaty and invaded other countries using krstalh Byakko which gave him the power of advanced weapons from the heavy armored vehicles and fleet of airship.

This Cid conquered the State of Lorica and Concordia.   Then wanted complete success of the invasion force and the gear and invaded the State of Rubrum but surprised a strong resistance due to the magic of the State Defense Force Rubrum. When Cid that he could not invade the State habitual ways has intensified attacks on the magic Academy in hopes of surrender Commander Rubrum. Here comes the role of our heroes and their small group of Academy students in Class Zero with unusual skill were assigned the task of restoring of Cid's and defeated the army of Milites. As usual in the Final Fantasy series, there must be an East Asian mythology and especially the four gods: the Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger and Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon. Tabata has described the game Type-0 "headline branches of several concepts"

Play mode (Gameplay)
battle system is the system of Final Fantasy Crisis Core-X-2 and Final Fantasy VII named b (ATB) is a

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Shortcut for Joomla (Active Time Battle) but a developer.
In Type-0 would not be fighting with one character like Crisis Core but with multiple personalities. Also you will not have to press the menu during play but just clicking a button will attack attacking directly (i.e. no lists during the battle).
Wants to have the Type-0 Nakazawa faster ATB system. The game will support wireless gaming platform and developed multiple players up to three players.
Players can identify weaknesses to Kill enemies by Sight, and that facilitate the task of the player.  Method development in this section would be like a method in part Final Fantasy XIII named b (Crystarium) but with a different name (Alto Crystarium) is a development system krstlat gives you great freedom in the development, and the development of magic so personal you need energy (Phantoma) and derived from the debacle of the enemies.
When the absorption of this energy, the energy of the magic little returns, and the amount of energy returned depends on the type of Phantoma which Is determined by its color.
Energy magic is subdivided into three types and their fire and ice and Thunder.
Magic is not the only method of attack but there are five different styles: Shotgun: this weapon damage grows whenever the enemy as soon as possible, and also can infect more than an enemy at the same time.
Rifle: how this weapon long and released several consecutive shots but not much harm.  Bomb: this weapon is effective when you are surrounded by many enemies and be used in preference to the young and the soon enemy Missile: the effectiveness of this weapon bigger when one intends to enemies using magic will strike the enemy and prevent him from using his magic.
 Launche Rocket: the most powerful weapon and effectiveness from all enemies. Once the target enemy and always will disappear immediately.
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Developers and designer Director Hajime Tabata

scenario: Assistant Director and designer battles: Takutsugu Nakazawa

screenwriter: Daisuke Watanabe

artistic director: Yusuke Naora

designer personalities: Tetsuya Nomura)

composer Takeharu Ishimoto: Yoshinori Kitase:

Director: Kazuyuki Ikumori
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PostSubject: Re: Final fantasy type 0 review   Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:56 am

I really need to get into this series more played like 1-4 and tactics on the IOS, but some of those new ones look so cool. I just felt I'd miss something not having played the other games (even though I know they not really related to one another)

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Final fantasy type 0 review
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