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Happy new year Merry Christmas
Happy new year Merry Christmas

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 Steps to be an active staff and member

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PostSubject: Steps to be an active staff and member   Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:54 pm

Hello to all members..

I spent all the day thinking of ways to help the forum grow and improve...I was going to make a suggestions for the staff in the suggestion section...but then I stopped and think...that helping the forum to grow is not only responsible from the staff....but it is our duty as a members to help in development of such amazing forum..
Cause I know that we all love the forum and care about it.

So....I thought about some simple but effective ways to help the community grow...also replying on your friend's topics will encorage them to post more

First thing : Inviting our friends to come and join us here by explaining to them how the community here is great and how much can the forum help them in everything...

Secound thing : Posting Quality threads will attract the guests to come and join..

Third things..advertising for the forum in everywhere and every way..
-Posting ads about the forum in other advertising forums.
-we can connect our channel or videos in youtube or anywhere to the forum pg or the home page.
-Using social media to share about the forum news and updates.

Fourth thing :try to open and enter the forum everyday for at least an hour...check the forums news..share your statue..communicate with other thats for sure will make the forum active and encorage the guests to join..

Fifth and last thing : Try to donate even by just 1$ as this for sure will help the administrators to buy new things for the forum which will make our forum look up to date..

Thank you for giving me your time to read this topic..

One last word..
Let's consider that this forum is our secound lets help our family to grow more..believe me this not only for the sake of the forum..but also for the sake for ourselfs..

Note:if anybody have any other idea please share it with us..and I will add it to my thread..
Thank you..wish you all goodluck

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Steps to be an active staff and member
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